Capre-Waterbed-FrameFrom free flowing to motionless wave, with or without added lumbar (back) support, waterbeds have evolved into one of the best sleep systems for your entire body.

(That’s what thousands of our customers across Canada and the USA tell us.)

And with the added benefit of thermal temperature controls, you can slip into a toasty warm bed on those cold, frigid northen nights – and cool down your bed in heat of the summer.

We carry both hardsided and softsided Canadian and US manufactured waterbeds, so you can rest assured of the best quality, warranty and designs available.  

Hardsided waterbeds

Padded-Waterbed-Rail-CapHardsided waterbeds have a wooden or upholstered frame, with the water mattress (bladder) resting within it. (Similar to the old style of waterbed we all had once upon a time – except now, they are much better quality with more styles and wave options to choose from.) These waterbeds are larger than traditional beds, so they use a mattress pad, liner, and linens specifically designed for their size.  We offer a wide selection of solid wood frames – 4 poster beds, bookcase headboards, and others, in a variety of stain finishes to match your existing furniture – or choose an upholstered waterbed frame in a variety of fabrics and colours to match any decor.

Softsided or Hybrid waterbeds

Pastel-8-Hybrid-Pillowtop1Softsides are a water mattress (or bladder) that is encased within a specially designed mattress shell. Soft-sides look like a regular mattress, and they use standard sized bed linens and mattress pads but these sleeping beauties have a water core instead of springs, so they last many years longer than a regular spring mattresses. And with thermal controls, you can set the ideal bed temperature for you and maintain that perfect temperate all night long. Queen & King sized models also come in 2 water chambers, allowing you to customize the firmness level and temperature for each side of the bed.

  • Both offer exceptional comfort in a full range of motion options – from free flowing wave to 90% motionless
  • Added lumbar (back) support is also available for both styles of waterbed mattresses
  • The waterbed heaters are highly reliable and efficient units with adjustable temperature controls
  • Due to ‘no springs’, waterbeds can out-last regular beds by up to DOUBLE their life span- making them highly affordable!

Click an image below to see our full line of hard-sided and soft-sided waterbeds, heaters, parts and accessories.

Upholstered Hard-sided Waterbeds
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Soft-sided / Hybrid Waterbeds

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At Northern Sleep Solutions, we also manufacture custom waterbed mattresses or frames in almost any size or configuration. Feel free to contact us here,with any questions or should you need something specific that is not listed above.