Replacement Water Mattress for your Soft-Sided or Hybrid Waterbed

Pastel-8-Hybrid-Pillowtop1A soft-sided waterbed, sometimes called a hybrid waterbed, looks like a regular mattress. But unzip the mattress cover and you discover a water mattress core inside!

Northern Sleep Solutions offers the widest selection of replacement waterbed mattresses for soft-sided / hybrid waterbeds in all of North America!

All our waterbed mattresses feature:

  • made in USA, ensuring only the best quality to the highest quality standards

  • a wide selection of wave motion levels, from full wave to totally motionless

  • Added lumbar back support provides added comfort and ergonomic body contouring

  • 3 year replacement warranty on seams

Hybrid 6″ Semi-motionless Mattress
Hybrid 8″ Semi-motionless Mattress
Hybrid 8″ motionless Mattresss

Hybrid Free Flow Tubes
Hybrid Motionless Tubes
Hybrid Dual Chamber