Hybrid Waterbed Sleep System (For Soft-sided Beds)

Madison-6-Euro-TopIf you love the thought of:

  • thermal controls to set the perfect temperature
  • no bed springs sticking in your back
  • a bed that lasts more than twice as long as a regular bed

then you will love our hybrid waterbed sleep solution!

A Soft-sided waterbed, also called a Hybrid waterbed, looks like a regular bed. But unzip the luxurious quilted cover to discover a water core inside.  We bring you the best selection in Top quality softsided waterbeds with our no-hassle guaratee.

And because a hybrid waterbed is the the same size as regular conventional bed, you can use regular bedding and mattress pads from any store (that match the size of your mattress of course).

Complete Hybrid Bed sleep systems include:

  • Foam side rails
  • Liner
  • Top and bottom removeable cover
  • Hybrid waterbed mattress
  • Metal Frame
  • Waterbed Heater

Select the mattress thickness (6″ or 8″ deep) and the mattress style (tight top, pillow top or Euro-top), then just add water and enjoy!

Click on an image below for more details on these hybrid soft-sided waterbeds

6″ deep Tight-top
6″ deep Pillow-top
6″ deep Euro-top

8″ deep Tight-top
8″ deep Pillow-top